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Ring Multilayer Piezo Actuators/ PTH200 series Ring Multilayer Piezo Actuators/ PTH200 series

Brief description of Ring Multilayer Piezo Actuators:
1> 15 years experience of manufacture
2> CE, RoHS, SGS ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2015
3> Custom designs are available

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  • Model: PTH200 series
  • Brand: PANT
  • Material: piezoelectric ceramics
  • Shape: Ring
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, SGS ISO9001
  • Working voltage: -20 to 200V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to 120℃
  • Wire lead: red is electrode (+), and black is cathode (-)
  • Recommended preload for dynamic operation: 15MPa
  • Maximum preload for constant force: 20MPa
  • Product Description
  • Payment&shipping
  • Materials performance
  • Certifications

 Compact size
 Accurate positioning in nm

 High-speed response in ms
 Large blocking force

 High energy conversion efficiency, low power consumption and no electromagnetic noise
  Easy to be controlled by voltage


Scope of applications

 R&D and industry
 Precision mechanics and mechanical engineering
 Life sciences, Medicine and Biology
 Nano positioning, Fiber positioning, High-speed switching, Tunable lasers

Part numbering



Dimensions Nominal displacement Blocking force Stiffness Electrical capacitance Resonance Frequency
OD/ID/H [µm@200V] [N@200V] [N/µm] [µF] [kHz]
 [mm] ±10%

 ±20% ±20%
PTH2001304201 Φ13/Φ4/20 20 3600 180 4.6 74
PTH2002015051 Φ20/Φ15/6 5 4000 800 1.3 250
PTH2002619201 Φ26/Φ19/18 20 7200 360 7.7 80
PTH2001304401 Φ13/Φ4/40 40 3600 90 9.2 37
PTH2002619351 Φ26/Φ19/35 35 7200 205 15.3 43

* Customize on request. 

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Key Technical Index Unit Value
Relative dielectric constant εr3T - 3500±20%
Electromechanical coupling factor  Kp - 70%
Longitudinal piezoelectric strain coefficient  d33 10-12C/N ≥650
Piezoelectric voltage constant  g33 10-3Vm/N 17
Elastic flexible coefficient  S11E 10-12m2/N 14.3
Elastic flexible coefficient  S33E 10-12m2/N 18.5
Dielectric loss  tgδ 10-3 ≤1.5
M quality factor  Qm - 45
Curie temperature  TC 240
Density  ρ g/cm3 7.9